Benefits of Being Online

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In today’s day and age, in light of the pandemic, people have been gravitating more and more towards being online.

Whether they are online for their shopping and consumer needs, to find information, or just typical web-browsing, the statistics speak for themselves. According to CIRA, over 73% of Canadians spend at least 3-4 hours online per day.

With that in mind, businesses can benefit greatly from having an online presence. Over 80% of Canadians research a product online before ever making a purchase. If that information (for a particular business) is not available, there’s a good chance that they will find someone else, who has that information available online, and to the public.

The days of door-to-door sales, and typical retail storefront in many industries is becoming a thing of the past. Across over 37 million Canadians, according to Statistique Canada, over $29 billion was spent online, just in Canada. That’s over $750 per capita!

Furthermore, if a business does not have the infrastructure for E-Commerce, online shopping, etc., they are effectively “missing out” on all of that. As shown on the bale above, compiled by Statista Canada, it shows the primary reasons shown by Canadians for making a purchase online.

As can be seen, there are multiple factors which come into play. People want things to be convenient, easy to understand, and have a variety of decisions to make in the purchasing process, along with a variety of other reasons.

As someone who has worked with clients in building their website, and getting online, I understand the struggle. It is a learning curve, and it does take some getting used to. However, it has become easier and more intuitive than ever in today’s day and age.

Platforms such as Google Workspace, Google Ads, Facebook Business, and many web development companies (such as Workbay, Squarespace, GoDaddy, etc.) have special templates to choose from, and knowledgeable developers to assist their customers every step of the way. The best conversion rates for software, and learning new things, comes from that which is easiest to understand, and is appealing to the largest audience possible.

This also means that the content of whatever you are trying to push to the public should be kept simple, understandable, and concise. Furthermore, that which is too wordy, roundabout, or otherwise, commonly does not have good conversion. This is due to online shoppers, and customers in general, typically have quite short attention spans when it comes to this sort of thing.

There is something to be said to those who are specifically looking for a particular product, or service. For the focused buyer, they will commonly research the product to an extent that can only be determined by the buyer’s preference itself.

That considered, there are multiple techniques to appeal to this audience. All the same, your content should be concise, and to the point. However, it should still offer all of the pertinent information when it comes to your product(s) or service(s).

The same comes to when you are determining your domain (the name of your website). Many popular website’s names (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Yahoo, Wikipedia, etc.) are all less than 10 letters long. This increases the chance that an individual will remember the domain (without need of reference). For example, even if your business name was something like “Bob’s Bakery of Fine Culinary Goods,” or something, it would likely be best to go with something like: “”

Next is figuring out your hosting situation. Now, I will be writing another article to explain in more depth, but in general, there needs to be a place for all of the information that your website needs to be stored. There are many different hosting services to be found, and each of them have their own advantages, and disadvantages. Ask your developer as to which one is best for you, and your project. Or, call into Workbay, for a free, no obligation consultation. Email us at, or reach out by phone at 604-210-8752, and we’ll be happy to help.

“I.T. Tailored for you.”

-Derek Broad Head of Marketing and Sales Workbay Technology Hub

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